The time to use augmented reality in your business is now

Give your customers a brand new experience and bring your product to life in a virtual space. Let your audience point it at any real object, e.g., a poster, a catalogue or a magazine page. We will then set a whole scenery in motion, inform your customers about a particular object or take them directly to your e-shop.

SYNEVISION for exhibitions, posters and advertising formats

How does it work?

We have prepared a simple mobile app for you.

Just brand the app, create content, prepare basic settings and introduce it to your customers.

Do you already have an app?

We have SYNEVISION - the technology that we can put it in.

Give us content

We need to receive the recognizable images in advance. It doesn‘t matter whether they were printed out a long time ago. We can work with them anyway.

Define action

Do you want to set an image in motion? Show the price? Redirect customers to your e-shop? Tell us beforehand what action you want us to run.

And what about your customer?

A visitor downloads the app, launches it and points the camera at an object of interest (e.g. a poster, catalogue page or your real product) and will be amazed.

The app recognizes the object and links it to with plays music or runs a variety of other multimedia content.

SYNEVISION showcase (0:41)

Augmented reality is the ideal solution for:

  • catalogues
  • manuals
  • e-shops and e-commerce
  • educational institution
  • cultural and sport events
  • museums and galleries
  • premium products
  • smart buildings
  • games and entertainment
  • travel books
  • cookbooks
  • … and we are sure you already have your own thoughts of the opportunity to your business.

What will you get?

  • Two apps for Android and iOS to use as Whitelabel or SDK to further develop a larger parent app
  • Basic customization for your brand – a logo and a font
  • Image and video storage on our server
  • Connection to the AR kit and the AR core on mobile devices
  • Link to analytics: video view time, usage/visits of an certain object, etc.
  • Link to remarketing based on user registrations



An app currently used by over 100,000 people in 50 countries. Our primary assignment was to develop an app that would make it easier to order your favorite cosmetic products, but we have not stopped there and created much more for Oriflame.

Festival svobody

We have made advertising posters and CLV alive. In addition to the existing posters edicated to the Velvet Revolution, which were displayed at Czech high schools and universities, we also added periodic videos, photos of graphics and thus increased engagement of students who interacted with them.

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